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The Power of Money
September 15, 2011, 9:17 pm
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Didn't we all miss this?

There are two things that the world revolves around: money and sports. And often times those two go hand-in-hand. Thank goodness the regular NFL season has begun, and many football fans have jumped and shouted over this hurdle.

The NFL lockout that occurred for a little over 18 weeks worried the fan base, players and owners. The lockout defined the true economic power that resides over the NFL. It all began when the league owners and the players disputed over labor agreements. There was the possibility of not having a football season this year.

The scare of possibly postponing or cancelling the 2011-2012 season altogether seemed as though it worried the fans more than the workers. But the lockdown created a trickle affect that affected deeper into the NFL association. Not only did it affect the players, but it also questioned positions for the coaches, staff, front office, and even the revenue each city would collect from the stadium. Even missing one game would leave the NFL with empty pockets. There is no doubt that the NFL season generates a lot of money, whether it comes from TV stations or the spectators their selves.

Has the lockout really affected this year’s season? During this first weekend of the season opener, it seems as though some teams were prepared to do what it takes to leave victorious. Other teams had difficulty when it came to controlling the ball and defeat the opposing team.

Now because I am a Chargers fan I can say that the lockout did slow down the speed as to which players would practice, what players to trade and so on. Because of the pace everything was processing at, a few players were waiting for their contracts to settle in order to begin practicing. Starting practice so late, especially for the rookies and recently traded veterans, forced them to learn the plays in a short amount of time.

Of course everything worked out, but it was because of hard work and perseverance. The lockout threatened the flow of profits alongside the NFL season. It just goes to show how much economic power that controls the NFL, owners and players.


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